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Every once in a while we get a project that we truly love.  And it’s not because of how we showed off our luxury pillow collection or stunning artwork.  And it’s not because it was the perfect property to highlight our love of modern design.  It’s one of those projects that reminds us of why we got into this business in the first place….to help people.

Mike & Libby have lived in their home in North York for 42 years and raised 2 sons who now live in the west end.  They purchased a property in Oakville to be closer to them when their agent introduced us.  They had a fantastic property that needed some major updating. With cranberry carpets and matching ceiling, the bold, floral palette was going to be a tough sell.

joy of staging toronto



There was existing hardwood underneath, so we had the carpets ripped up, floors refinished, and removed a LOT of wallpaper in bedrooms and baths.  We replaced some of the furniture pieces with neutral ones, but managed to reuse a lot of the client’s items.

Mike & Libby were so cooperative as we transformed their home and worked hard to pack up years of memories.  In the end, the property sold for  over $80,000 OVER their asking price.  The client’s were so happy with the results and excited to start their new chapter.  Wonderful people who never stopped saying “Thank You”!  We love our job!

Painting the ceiling back to white and removing the carpets made it possible to keep the neutral wallpaper.  The dark draperies add interest and contrast to the room.  Replacing the ornate chandelier with a simple drum shade helped modernize the room and allowed us to use their beautiful, yet traditional dining set.  Great blend of both modern and traditional elements.


Bedroom Before


 Bedroom After

No more wallpaper, neutral palette, same furniture…Amazing result!



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