Staging your Vacant Condo will INCREASE your Investment!

Posted by on June 11, 2013 in Blog, Staging Blog

Staged homes sell 2–3 times faster and for up to 6% more than unstaged ones.  People perceive staged units that are well decorated as being worth more.

Professional stagers know how to highlight the features of the unit and distract from any ‘not so desirable’ features.

• It’s extremely important to show people how they can use the space, and this is especially so in properties that are small or have unique layouts.

• It’s all about the marketing! Marketing is not just how the realtor describes the unit on the MLS, it’s how a property looks and feels to your potential buyer/tenant.

• If your budget is limited, consider focusing on the main living areas and at least one bedroom.

• There are a lot of resources available for tips on how to stage your own home. If you can’t borrow furniture and artwork, rental companies carry everything from furniture to linens for not a lot of outlay. Just keep in mind that the goal is to show people how to use the space most effectively.

Return on your investment for staging : 299%

1 Avondale – Vacant condo that was staged


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